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A potato sorting hut from my Capstone fieldwork in West Bengal, India

Capstone vs. Capstone (0)

March 31, 2014 • Event☼, Opinion☼

As my time at the Harvard Kennedy School comes to a close, I had the opportunity to attend a lunchtime panel where the impending HKS graduates shared their experiences on their capstone presentations. It wasn’t a full-scale synopsis, as the purpose of the panel appeared to be to thank the Ash Center for providing travel… Read More ›

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Deanna Troi: The Precepts of International Health (2)

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Issues surrounding scarcity will forever plague international health programs.  The bottom line is in donor funded programs there is never enough to go around, and when the stakes are as high as they are in the development arena, this is life and death. Very much like Deanna Troi’s mission on the bridge – the one… Read More ›

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Finding Justice for Kate Puzey (0)

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My foreign staffer friend on Capitol Hill forwarded an email to me yesterday, which details a petition seeking justice for slain Peace Corps volunteer, Kate Puzey. Most people I know in the PCV and RPCV community are familiar with Kate’s case. It was highly relevant to my own Peace Corps service in China, which began… Read More ›

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Instant Coffee: Why China and Colombia Reject the Good Stuff (0)

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Instant coffee consumption is on the rise in China and Colombia – but not for the same reasons. A sound marketing strategy mandates that companies adapt to local tastes, à la McDonald’s bringing vegetarian choices to India. In terms of coffee, it appears Chinese patrons have been able to capitalize on this, while Colombians haven’t… Read More ›

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Parklets: A Continuation of Coffee shop Culture (0)

Photo courtesy of the Boston Globe (2013)

In 2012, the city of Boston started a new experiment with urban space by way of the parklet. The size of a mere few former parking spaces on the side of a road or near full sized parks, these phenomena include artistically designed seating arrangements to encourage conversation and friendly gatherings – without requiring its… Read More ›


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